You should get a results form and a pen when you check in.  This is Saturday only. There will be awards for 1 – 3 both hang gliding and paragliding.  Turn in your forms to an event official by 6:30.  This is a fun competition so please don’t risk getting hurt trying to win an award.

SPOT LANDING:  There will be separate targets for hang gliders and paragliders.  Know which is which before you launch!  Please clear the spot landing area as soon as you can.  If you are close make sure the official gets your name written down.  In the event of more than one pilot nailing the target, the first person to do so wins.  There will be a limited time window for this event (TBA).  Also there will be one award for tandem landing.

DURATION:  This is simple, record how long your flight was, when and where.

SPEC: Highest altitude (one each for HG, PG)

NOT THAT BOLD: Oldest pilot who flies

TRAVEL: Who came the farthest to attend?