Q:Does the $20 registration fee include dinner?  A: No, dinner is donation based this year and will be held at the community center.  No driving to Tillamook!  

Q:What is the $20 for?  A: Community center and event tent rental, USHPA insurance, State Park permit, pilot gifts and awards.

Q:Can we fly Friday?  A: Of course, but that is not part of our organized event.  Our event starts 9 am Saturday.

Q:Do I need a day use permit to pick up pilots at Cape Lookout if I don’t leave the car? A:  Yes

Q:Will there be booze at the dinner? A: Ninkasi has donated two keg and we are not allowed to sell it so it is free (however dinner donations will be appreciated).  PS. You must be 21!

Q:Will there be tandem pilots available?  A: We hope so.  Many have given up doing tandems due to the new USHPA fees and requiremnts.

Q:Will the weather be good for flying?  A: Of Course!

Q: Why do I have to be a USHPA member to fly?  A. Our event requires a state park permit which requires insurance ($2M liability).  The USHPA insurance requires all pilots to be members.  Temporary 30 day memberships will be available.