All pilots must present a current USHPA card and sign a special waiver when they check in.  This is a USHPA requirement for the event insurance which was required by Oregon State Parks.


151.925 – Flying                     151.625 – Retrieve (if needed)

151.955 – Emergency            151.505 – Alternate

Parking: There is NO Pilot Parking at Oceanside launch.  We must reserve the space for pilot drop offs and locals who come up to watch.  Please fill cars and arrange drop off or utilize designated shuttle vehicles.  There will be an official directing traffic, please do as he/she instructs.  And please respect the Oceanside residents who put up with us on this crazy weekend.

Event Phone: 503-679-0962 (Mark Sanzone).  Coverage is sporadic at Oceanside so leave a message if you can’t get through, or try texting.

Pilot Meeting (mandatory):  10am Saturday, Community Center.

Launching: There will be a launch director in a safety vest.  Please follow his/her instructions.  Note they will be checking for wrist bands.  If you do not have a wrist band you need to show a current USHPA card.  Please queue up for launch and if you can’t get off in two attempts let the next person go.  If you are not familiar with the site get a site orientation from an experienced pilot!  Know your ridge rules.  Make sure spectators are clear when launching!

Landing:  There will be a safety officer in the main LZ.  When landing on the beach, please avoid the crowds and quickly pack up your gear.  Do not land within 100’ feet of the walk out.  Do not land in the parking lot.  Do not top land.  Do not land in a tree.  Do not land in the ocean.   Do land on your feet.  Do not kite if other pilots are landing.

Rain: Please don’t fly in the rain.  We will have some indoor seminars if needed.

Rescue: We have tree rescue gear (and medical) available.  Please get on the radio and ask if needed

Site Guides: The CPC website has a sites page with updated information and maps for all the local sites.